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The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Win National Contract

January 10, 2012

Just as the illustration of DC Comics of Alan Moore rendition of Allan Quatermain, Mina Murray, Captain Nemo, Dr. Henry Jekyll and Edward Hyde and Hawley Griffin, the Invisible Man, form a remarkable legion of intellectual aptitude and physical prowess: The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen. This is the only way I could describe the Nairobi Water Hackathon Team, variant skills, passion that make a formidable team.

A meeting by fate gagging each other’s abilities with only first impressions and self sales pitches to go by, determination and purpose to overcome a challenge of designing a prototype of a mobile- to- web water complaint system was just the first obstacle in a long road to overcoming the mountain.  No ordinary competition of just winning prize but an opportunity was presented to us to bid to implement our prototypes for the country!

The next stage was a bigger platform to compete with bigger, corporate armed fellows with big brand names, and chapstick smiles to match. No doubt we were smaller poodles, but collectively we had experience to match, determination and passion of purpose to change the status quo in the water sector. Weekly meetings brainstorming to design a mouth watering proposal and prototype enough to dazzle any non-believer, was devised. Swiftly followed by a presentation that could only be described as ‘Fight to the last’, we could only pat ourselves on the back and await judgment.

As we lay in wake throughout the December holidays, the verdict came in… we got the contract!!

Hackathons have proved to be the recipe for innovation and solutions to today’s problems. This new format of providing opportunities to people who would ordinarily be left out of tendering process, opens up a new avenue to discover talent who have willing and able to deliver on a product or service.

Meet the team:

Daniel Kamiri: Web Programmer

Daniel the team leader brings 11 years of experience to the team. Building software solutions for organisations such as Oxfam GB, and Judiciary of Kenya just to name a few.

Halima Murunga: Project Manager & Liason Officer

Halima is a Geographer and a trained environmental auditor. She has had work experience of 3 years in the field of sustainability and ICT4D, she brings to the table strong project management and business development skills.

Micheal Okiri: Programmer – Mobile Integration & Development

Micheal is a guru of USSD programming and mobile development with over 10 years experience in the field designing systems for companies such as Deloitte, USAID and Mobipay. He brings a wealth of knowledge and programming experience to the team.

Samora Machel: Logistics & Documentation

Samora Machel is an Actuary who has been trained as a Carbon auditor. Acquiring his degree from Jomo Kenyatta University in Actuarial Science, Samora adds value to the team through application and design of mathematical models and auditing practices.

Dickson Marira: Programmer- Mobile Site & Database

Dickson a mobile programmer holds a Masters in Computer Applications and BSc in Computer engineering. He has had over 7 years of experience working on system solutions for organisations such as AI-Soft Technologies and UNAIDs just to name a few.

- Halima Murunga

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