Challenging water and technology experts to work together and create innovative solutions to today's global water problems

Problem Definitions

We want your problems! If you or your organization has a water-related challenge that could benefit from a creative solutions, we want to hear about it!  Submit a problem here.

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How to define a problem? Check out instructions on

Before the WaterHackathon in October, the team is asking water experts from around the world to define the many problems they face.  In collaboration with local partners, the team is also reaching out to the end user of water and sanitation services (or lack there of) to better understand what kind of problems our neighbors are facing on daily basis.  By convening water community discussions, we are uncovering – and documenting – what are the most  pressing local problems.

The next step is to tweak, refine and translate these water problem into ‘hackable’ challenges for the developer community.  Then the fun really begins with programmers and developers from around the world gathering for a 48 hour marathon of “hacking” to create new and innovative tools for addressing water problems.

What are the problems? You can find all submitted water problems here. Or listen to a couple examples below:

Self reading water meters to prevent burden bills?

The Cartel Problem in Mathare

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