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Predicting the Next Drop

August 16, 2011

Utility employees act as human sensors and use an IVR system to call in events from the field. By Ari Olmos

“Will I get water today?” In nearly every citiy in South Asia, families face this question every day.  Erratic water supply means there is often a disconnect between the timing of when water arrives and when people actually need it. This uncertainty comes at great opportunity costs: adults miss time for work, children miss school days.
NextDrop is trying to address this issue by acting as a facilitator of information between the water utilities and their customers.
Utility workers notify NextDrop when they are opening the pipes. NextDrop then sends SMS texts to the applicable households approximately 30-60 minutes in advance. Knowing that they will be notified of the water schedule allows families to better structure their lives.
Definitely a promising new approach and one that could potential to save thousands of hours of productivity and improve quality of life. Check out this awesome video on their pilot in Hubli, India.
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