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Mobile-to-web complaint system challenges Onkesean in Nairobi

December 8, 2011

A friend of mine passed on an invite to attend a Water Hackathon, a first in my books but I for one am always up for new challenges.  However this challenge was different – it ended up opening up more doors and more learning curves to my life plan.

What is a Hackathon?

Collaborate to Code to Conquer to Change the status quo… These are spaces bringing techies together to solve solutions around the specific theme within a given period hours, this one being water. It poses challenges to combine our skills, knowledge and teamwork to tackle a pressing issue that affects our day to day lives. In other words if you’re smart enough to manage a simple task of driving a car to work, you might as well make sure the road is smooth enough to navigate on.

My Experience

Our team was made of 11 people, 10 chaps and 1 lass with an odd name to fit (Onkesean). We chose to take on the challenge of building a mobile- to- web complaint system. This would provide Water Service and Regulation Board (WASREB) and utility companies with a system for a feedback mechanism from the public to ensure that people get quality water services.

We networked spurred innovation and pushed each other’s limits achieve a result before the clock run out.  Being part of a winning team was one thing but we only realized the bigger impact in the afternoon would help the common man on the street report water supply problems, address issues of public health and sanitation.

- Halima Murunga

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