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Open-Source Software Platform for Water Resource Management Models

August 19, 2011

To solve real, local problems, scientist are constantly creating innovative mathematical models to manage water in an effective way. But for the models to be effective themselves, they should be easy to use and be able to handle massive data sets.  However, this last step requires sophisticated software infrastructure which may take years to build.

HydroPlatform provides an alternative.  It is a free, open source software platform for water management models that all can use and modify.   Its main innovation is a user-interface that allows you to build the customized database structure required for any model.

And we are very excited to share that HydroPlatform is now available to early adopters in alpha release!

As the video says, water management models are increasingly being used to better plan and manage water systems.  The models themselves are increasingly complicated, representing not only on engineering and hydrology parameters but increasingly social and economic drivers.

Representing water systems as node-link networks, HydroPlatform’s user-interface can be linked to a database which connects to external models.  With wider use, it may well become the model library for the sector. Already, several models are connected.  Looking ahead, the team even envisions an ‘app store’ will grow around it. This is definitely an innovation to watch!

Want more?  Listen to the founder himself explain what HydroPlatform is all about.

“Many helpful water management models are published every year. A generic shared interface and web repository could make these models widely applicable and available.”

—Julien Harou, Founder, HydroPlatform

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