Ghost In The Shell SAC 2045 has a couple of reviews online

1st: Den Of Geek cited: “Netflix’s take on the pivotal Ghost in the Shell anime series has a lot of good ideas, but it struggles when it comes to their execution. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 far from perfect, but it’s still better than the past series, Ghost in the Shell: Arise and the live-action film. This doesn’t tarnish Ghost in the Shell’s legacy and the questions that it poses feel very authentic to this universe. Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045 may not turn those that are complete strangers to the franchise into devoted fans, but it’s a considerate extension that weaves an addictive mystery if you can get past certain hang-ups. SAC_2045 goes out on a major cliffhanger that raises more questions than answers and the post-human epidemic remains in full swing. Thankfully, a second 12-episode season is already on the way and hopefully those installments will iron out the series’ rougher edges and finish off this story in a way that is worthy of the Ghost in the Shell name.” 2nd: AV Club cited: “As underwhelming as the animation may be, Kamiyama at the very least seems to be enjoying himself in his return to Ghost In The Shell. The original Stand Alone Complex series was as ambitious as it was consistent in its storytelling, tackling everything from crowdsourced criminal conspiracies, refugee crises, and the perils of an aging populace. SAC_2045 casts a wide net to shallower effect, touching on everything from systemic wealth disparity, a gallingly simplistic critique of the military-industrial complex, and ham-fisted literary allusions to 1984 that feel derivative of Kamiyama’s previous work on Stand Alone Complex, all crammed into the claustrophobic space of a 12-episode season.”