Toxicity in the Anime Community, that know one talks about

You might be surprised by what I am about to say, but……., I don’t hate casual anime watchers (yeah, shooookiing right?), people who read and liked komisan, cried in anohona and evergarden, who shits on Sao constantly, watches seasonal anime, puts Demon Slayer in the favs and rate it 10, and etc. I’m fine with that (idc), the one that I have problems with is…., the people who wants the medium to be more PC, this is evident to the current most popular forum thread, people are constant asking for the ecchi genre to be removed, saying all sorts nonsense, like it’s perverse, degeneracy, and leads to pedoshit. It’s ironic, because those people probably read/watch 50 shades of grey, and now they are mad when some animated ass is on the screen. Like someone in the thread said “It is sad that people wished for it to be removed, instead of just ignoring it” (not exact words). And don’t get me started on how much they virtue signal, it’s unbelievable honestly. I wish I will never encounter people who use the word “problematic” for the things they don’t like.